Broken Marriage?

Don't worry! Don't fret! I didn't throw our wedding picture in a fit of rage! Nae-Nae and I are still happily married (on most days-hee!hee!)! Let me explain, however, how our wedding picture got shattered.

Naeners and I are in the process of re-doing the front room (an additional living room in the house), dining area that opens to the front room, and the hallway coming off the front room that leads to our bedrooms and bathrooms. As you can see in the picture above, Naeners has been busy spakling (sp?) and sanding the walls. On that particular wall, I thought I would finally hang a collage of our wedding pictures (it's only taken my 2.5 years to get to it). I saw an ad in the Michael's circular advertsing the Hang Your Own Gallery system. I thought, "Perfect. There's a template and all the frames that I would need. It takes out all of the guess work of measuring and arranging the frames.Cool."

I ordered the pictures I wanted to frame and purchased all of the frames in the system with the black mat except for the "F" frame because Michael's didn't have the black matted "F" frame on the day I went to purchase them. With the frames that I had purchased, I went ahead and framed the photos. I tucked away the framed pictures in a corner of our office and covered the frames with some towels. I thought I would keep them safe in the office until I got the "F" frame and was ready to hang all of the frames.

In the meantime, I made 3 to 4 trips back to Michael's to purchase the "F" frame with the black mat. Every time I went, Michael's didn't have it. So yesterday I was told by a Michael's sales associate that the black matted "F" frame does not exist. What? That doesn't make any sense to me. Why would wouldn't all the frames include a black mat and a white mat? I called Michael's corporate office to complain, and the lady on the phone confirmed that this Hang Your Own Gallery system does not make a black matted "F" frame. I bitched (in a nice tone of voice) that I was going for a certain look with the black matted frames, and now there was going to be a big gaping hole where the "F" frame is supposed to hang.

I was pissed, so I made the decision to unframe all of the photos and take the whole system back to Michael's. I'll just figure out another way to hang the collage of wedding pictures using different frames. I went to the corner of the office where I had carefully put the frames for safe keeping and pulled back the towel. And just to add the cherry to the top of this debacle, the largest frame (and most expensive) was shattered to pieces (see picture above)! Siiiiiiggggghhhhhh! I guess I won't be returning that frame. My guess is that one of our lovely mutts stepped on the frame causing the glass to shatter. Oh, well!

Ugghh! I am so over the Hang Your Own Gallery system! Everytime I try to take the easy way, it winds up being a disaster! Lesson learned!

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  1. The mystery of in the unavailable black matte F frame... that is absurd. I'm glad you are un-framing and taking all back!


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