Flashback Friday

Flashin' back to the past.

I am totally and completely stealing an idea I saw on another blog known as "Flashback Friday." The blogger takes a look back on a picture, event, memory, etc. every Friday. I am hoping to do the same. What a great idea to share some history and memories from the past.

So here is my first flashback. Now, this flashback isn't too far gone....let's say, less than a month ago. Actually, it is several flashbacks about Stinky happenings in the month of October 2009 (I told you it wasn't that far in the past). However, my future flashbacks shant be this long.

Flashback #1 - October 14, 2009
My Grandma turned 90 on October 14, 2009. To celebrate her 90 years of life, her loved ones gathered for dinner to honor her and her life and all that she has done for everyone in the family.

Seriously, does this woman look 90 to you?

Here's the whole family pictured with Grandma.

Flashback #2 - October 16, 2009
On the 16th, Naeners and I headed to the good ol' NC State Fair where we had a "whole lotta happy." I love going to the fair. I always associate it with my birthday because we always went to the fair for my birthday when I was a child.

One of the best things about the fair is the FOOD! Nae-Nae is ready to dig-in!

I take my turn at the food by trying the "rave" of the fair this year...chocolate covered bacon. Yeah, you read that right...chocolate covered bacon.

I wanted to document Naeners eating his chocolate covered bacon, too. But, I am clumsy. I did get the picture, though. Can you see the bacon and him taking a bite?

One of the best things about the fair is the people watching. I don't know what it is about the fair, but it brings out every walk of life. Check out this lady we were behind...she has 4 marmosets on her shoulder. At first, I thought it was her messy hair, but no, it was monkeys.

Look at the cute chick! Yeah, the little baby chicken is cute, too!

Nae-ners enjoys some of Ray's Steamed Buns. Yummy!

Flashback #3 - October 17, 2009
Oh, what a joyous day! I officially became "30-something" or 29+2; however, you want to frame it.

Check out my beautiful birthday cake! My hubby got it at Whole Foods, and it was soooo delicious. I mean, really, who needs to watch their weight once you hit 30-something?

Then, it was off for an evening to enjoy some fine dining at Lucky 32. I am still talking about that meal it was so damn good. Nothing is better than getting older surrounded by good friends.

Flashback #4 - October 30, 2009
Naeners and I had the pleasure of attending a Halloween party with the vBs up in Virginia. Remember a few weeks ago when I said we were going to a party dressed as a sexy jail birds and our friends as sex Amish? Well, here are how the costumes turned out for the Sexyween '09 Bash.

Look at us rockin' it sexy style!! Okay, maybe not! But we tried and had fun doing it!

The vBs take on sexy Amish was to go as a "gay" Amish couple. LMAO!

And of course, the fun group shot at the party.

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