An Early Turkey Celebration

This Saturday we had an early Turkey Day celebration with SisLaw and BroLaw and our good friends. This year we will not be able to celebrate the festive day with SisLaw and BroLaw, so we decided to take the matter into our own hands and celebrate early. And honestly, we should be thankful everyday...not just on the holiday.

SisLaw and Friend prep the good food in the kitchen! Smells yummy!

Naeners gets silly on the couch. Per usual, he's watching football.

BroLaw pointing out the delicious turkey in the deep fryer.
Did you notice his really cool Members Only jacket?

SisLaw puts the finishing touches on the beautiful dining room table.

The lovely dining room table ready for lots of grub.

So what was on the menu this year? Lots of yummy, delicious stuff. Appetizers included prociutto wrapped asparagus and sausage balls. The main course was fried turkey, collard greens, sweet potato soup, green bean casserole, cranberry salad, and mac-n-cheese. And for dessert...nothing. We didn't plan that far out. But we didn't need it anyways because we were so full after we ate.

I also got learn a new term this celebration...douche chills. Has anyone heard of the douche chills? Apparently it is something that one says or does to make their significant other cringe. For example, I gave Naeners the douche chills when I requested we go around the table and everyone state something they are thankful for this year. Naeners just lowered his head and participated while feeling completly douchetastic that I am his wife making this request. Douche chills or not, I find it necessary to show some gratitude and remember what this holiday is all about!

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