An Open Letter to Mr. Snyder: A Guest Post

Preface: This posting is a guest post by my hubby Naeners. To know my hubby, is to know the Redskins. He has been a life long Washington Redskins fan, and I learned early on in our relationship that the Redskins are his passion and we don't make plans during Redskins games...the only plan is to watch the game. Heck, we even made sure that the wedding wasn't during the football season; however, we did incorporate the "Hail to the Redskins" song into our wedding (it is the song we were introduced to at the wedding). Nae-Nae has tried his darnedest to make me a Redskins fan. It's not that I am not fan; I just don't get football. But seeing his enthusiasm for the game and for his team has taken me down the path of loving the Redskins, too, because to love Naeners is to love the Redskins.

Anywho, for those of you who follow NFL, then you know the Redskins lost to the Detroit Lions on Sunday...a team that hasn't won for 18 games straight. But lo and behold, the Lions were able to break their losing streak against the Redskins on Sunday. That's bad...even I know that! Naeners was so inspired (not in a good way) by the loss of the Redskins that he came home Monday evening and said he had been thinking about things all day. He said he was going to write an open letter to Mr. Snyder (the owner of the Washington Redskins). He sat down at the computer and got to work.

The passion this man (my hubby) has for the Redskins is the kind of passion I long to have for is truly amazing.

So, tonight, I share with you Nae-Nae's letter to Mr. Snyder.

An Open Letter to Mr. Snyder (Owner of the Washington Redskins):

Dear Mr. Snyder,

As a life-long Redskins fan, I have two words for you - thank you. That's right, I said thank you. On behalf of my blood pressure, vocal chords, my petrified dogs, a forgiving wife, angry neighbors, and bruised ego I say thank you. You see, as a life-long fan I have watched you take a proud, historical, wonderful thing of beauty that I grew up with, to the bastian of ineptitude that disgraces 1600 FedEx Way. I can remember watching games as a young boy sitting on my grandfathers knee as we cheered for Riggo and the boys to run all over the NFC East and perpetually be contending for the Lombardi trophy. With what you have managed to do to this team, young boys who could have had similar memories will now remember these years with about as much comfort as if their grandfather had been molesting them. Thank you. You see, with this past Sunday and the debacle in Detroit, I have officially admitted defeat. I can relinquish all hopes and dreams for this organization, and I can finally find peace. I came to this realization today when I went to work. I am a high school teacher, a demeaning job in and of itself, but for the past few years you have made my Monday's excruciating. Every year I make the mistake of telling my kids that I am a Redskins fan, because I am an idiotic hopeful optimist when it comes to my team. "I just know that THIS year will be THE year" I tell myself when I consider not letting them in on the joke that is my fanhood, so I announce proudly with swollen chest, "I AM A REDSKINS FAN!" I am met with snickers and outright ridicule usually saved for the biggest losers in school, hell even the chess team picks on me! Thank you. Today, as I shuffled into school I could only imagine what "treasures" my colleagues had in store for me. Before I could even get twenty feet in, there was one of my students. This pimply faced, four eyed, gawky little nerd, laughed and said, "Wow, 19 game losing streak means nothing to the Redskins huh?" Now, I'm not sure this child has even watched a football game or could even describe what a football looks like, but here he was insulting all that I (used) to hold dear. I cannot recall exactly what words fell out of my mouth, but I do know that I finished with, "well at least I have seen a pair of boobs in real life!" I would be worried about the prospects of losing my job in this economy, but I have a valid excuse - for I AM A REDSKINS FAN! Thank You. No longer will my dogs cower in the corner as I yell on Sunday. Heck, maybe my neighbors will actually look me in the face when they see me because I won't be lacing together profanity-laden sequences that could make the Diceman blush. I am raising the white flag, you have beaten me worse than one of Vick's dogs. I will muddle through the rest of this season, and the seasons that will follow with all of the fervor of a coma patient. No longer will my angst and gut wrenching passion be directed toward this franchise, I could not care less. Congratulations, Mr Snyder, you have made me the equivalent of a Browns fan. Thank you.


  1. Your husband is the MAN!!! He should ask this just doesn’t apply to him, but to other lifelong Skin fans. We all feel basically the same way.

  2. Perhaps you should become a steelers fan....


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