Getting Crafty with a Bucket

So I saw this awesome idea for a monogrammed galvanized bucket on Pink and Polka Dot, and I just knew I had to do the project for myself. It was simple enough that I figured I could handle it.

Here is the picture from Pink and Polka Dot that got the wheels turnin' in my head:

So I went on a search for a galvanized bucket, some ribbon, and a mum. I found the bucket at Lowe's with the help of SisLaw, and she also helped me pick out the perfect mum. We then got the ribbon from Michael's. Since it is Fall and getting closer to Halloween, I, too, opted for orange ribbon as the inspiration piece shows above. However, being as clever as I am, I decided to use velcro to attach the ribbon so that I can change out the ribbon through the seasons and holidays.

Here is my attempt at the bucket:

I think it turned out decently. I do need to work on my paint-penning, but from a distance it doesn't look too shabby. 

Dimby is on stand-by to give me a helping hand. I may lower the mums (I have them sitting on top of a brick in the bucket because they were too low just sitting in the bottom of the bucket), but I am going to see what the mums look like once they start blooming.

This project was fun, quick and easy. I can't wait to change out the ribbon and change the plant out throughout the seasons.


  1. It looks really nice! You did a great job!


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