Chop, Chop!

And I am not talking about the Slap Chop. Although, Naeners and I did see a Slap Chop with Vince's picture at K-Mart! We came close to getting it, but it didn't come with the free Graty like the infomercial offers. Le Sigh!

I get off topic. What I mean by "chop, chop" is that my hair got totally whacked off on Friday. I did want a shorter do, but I was not planning on looking like an 8th grade boy growing out his hair for the first time. I am thinking I should be a little more specific the next time I go in for a cut. But as it is right now, it will be a while before I have to return to the beauty shop.

Check out the picture:

Now, mind you, my hair was shoulder length prior to getting it cut on Friday, so the change is pretty drastic. I don't know if this picture does my new hair do justice. Had I gotten this cut 10 years ago, I would have come home crying. This time, I just texted a few people that I had gotten an ugly haircut and then called home to bitch about it to my mom. I am doing my bestest to take it in stride and handle it with grace. It did help when I arrived to work today to have my co-workers gawk of how good my new do looks! I was even told that I resembled Cameron Diaz. I think my attitude is changing about the do if it means being compared to the likes of Ms. Diaz...I'll take it!


  1. I TOLD you it looked good!

  2. Yeah! But what wifey listens to her husband the first time?

  3. It looks really cute. I like it. We can't wait to see you next weekend!

    BroWife ( also the Beebster Mommy)

  4. I think your hair looks great!!!


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