Yard Sale is Done

We has an awesome yard sale this past Saturday. We had it at our little house, and the SisLaw and BroLaw joined us along with another couple. We had a little flea market going on right in our front yard.

Yard sales are interesting to me...the people, the culture, the haggling. I always have a blast doing a yard sale. I talk as if I've been doing them for ages, but really, this sale was only our second. Anywho, we started taking stuff out into the front yard around 6:30am, and cars were already driving by and stalking us. It makes me nervous when this happens because my anxiety kicks in because everything is not ready and out on the lawn. I had to yell at someone to come back later after we had everything set up.

Nonetheless, the yard sale was in full swing by 7:15am (even though my signs clearly stated that it would not begin until 8am). We're lucky because we have an awesome location for a yard sale, so we always get lots of traffic. People walked to our yard sale and people were parked up and down the street. There was even one guy who parked at the stop sign (our house is on a corner lot with a stop sign right by it) as well as people parked in the middle of the road. Whatever...it's their car. There were kids, old people, young people, families, grandparents and grandchildren, people who were preaching from all walks of life. A lot of our business was non-English speakers. At least I know my numbers in Spanish, so I was able to communicate the prices. I even worked the Hispanic men with a little flirt here and there...I definitely made some sales that way. There was an old couple (probably in their 80s) who were yelling at each other on our lawn because apparently the husband wasn't helping the wife getting up the little slope in our side yard. I missed the scene but Nae-Nae told me all about it (I went inside to grab a biscuit). He said the whole yard sale came to a screeching halt and everyone's eyes turned to this couple. So when I came outside, I thought I would try to ease the situation and talk to them. I asked how they were doing that morning, and the man answered, "Poorly." I let them be. They didn't buy anything. Everyone tried to get stuff for much cheaper than I wanted to give it to them...but I was usually able to come to a happy deal to suit them and me.

All I know, is at the end of the day a lot of our shit was sold and what was left went straight to Good Will or the dump. When all was said and done, we made $575.50. I was pretty damn impressed with our profit considering I let a lot of stuff go for really, really cheap (.25, .50, 1.00, etc).  Money is made, shit is gone, and now I can relax.


  1. That's probably enough money to buy your dresser back...

  2. Why should I have to buy it back when you took it from me? Geez!


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