Wanted: A Hobby

I need a hobby...desparately!

For the past few months, I have been finding myself getting really bored when I have downtime at home. I do like hanging out with the hubby, the dogs, and messing around the house...but there is only so much of that one girl can do. I mean Nae-Nae has his own interests, so when he is playing his video game or tooling around in the yard, I am left to my own devices. And the dogs, well, they won't even chase a ball when I try to occupy myself (and them) with a fun game of fetch.

Lately, my hobbies have been drinking yummy beverages, cleaning house, and reorganizing closets. I do love reorganizing things...but that is something I can really only do once every few months when things start getting out-of-whack in closets and drawers. Since I've just recently had tons of fun reorganizing...I am left with nothing to do again.

The other thing to know about me...is that I get totally emersed and obsessed with somthing, and then drop it like a hot potato. There was this time a few years ago when I wanted to learn how to draw. Nae-Nae went out and got me a sketch book and a drawing book...I practiced a few times, but I was over that within a week. There are other activities that seem to come and go with me. For example, I really like crosswords, sudoku, and other brain games...I get obsessive with those and then forget about them for a few weeks or few months. It's the same thing with the Nintendo DS and games on the computer.

So I've been trying to think of something I can put my time and energy into that would be fun and relaxing...and something that hopefully I will not drop like hotcake once getting started with it.

Here are a few of my new hobby ideas:
1. Photography - Nae-Nae got me this really awesome camera (the kind with the detachable lenses for different views). The camera is so awesome that I don't really know how to work it. I did purchase an in-depth book on how to work the camera (that uses terms I can understand as well as pictures). I've been thinking that if I could learn to use the camera, then I could start doing some really cool photos and stuff for family and friends.

2. Cake Decorating - I think it would be fun to learn how to decorate a cake and how to make cute cakes (like a bunny cake with the ears, etc). The problem with cake decorating is that I would have to invest in the cake decorating tools. If it is one of those fleeting interests, then I've wasted a lot of money. When I used to work at a shelter, we had a "cake lady" on call for when one of the residents had a birthday. I did contact a local shelter here to see if I could be the on-call "cake lady." I would, of course, start with simple cakes if they take me up on the offer. If the shelter does let me bake cakes for the residents, then I would know that I would keep up with this hobby.

Well, that is about all of the ideas I have for now. Does anyone else have any fun, stress-relieving hobbies that I should try?


  1. Tiffany WuzzardoJune 5, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    I said to my husband just last night that I need a hobby! I'm thinking I may actually try to finish my wedding scrapbook that I never got around to last summer.

  2. Joette, come to my house! You can bake us cakes and reorganize our stuff, we need help :)

  3. Scrap-booking is a great idea...maybe I will do that for my wedding, too! And Natty B...I will be more than happy to bake you a cake and help you reorganize!


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