...we got a new tub! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for the installation of a new bathtub. For those of you who know me and Nae-Nae and have used our shower or even peeked into it, then you KNOW we needed a new bathtub. I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture of the old tub because it was just too embarrassing and disgusting to document that we have used that thing to make ourselves clean. Truth be told, I never even took a bath in that old tub because there was no way I was going to let my butt sit in the crusty tub. Don't get me wasn't dirty because I neglected to clean it. I cleaned that thing on a very regular basis. And despite attempts to clean that thing, it still looked dirty and disgusting. I finally told Nae-Nae that if we're ever going to have kids, I have two requirements. 1) Get a new tub...we can't have a child taking a bath in the condition of that old thing and 2) well, I'll keep that one between me and Nae-Nae (to be shared at a later time when meet that condition). Well, we got the new tub.

Anywho, the tub guy got here around 1pm on Friday. He was supposed to be here at 9am to get it finished in one day; however, the guy assigned to our tub job up and quit that morning, so they had to scramble around to get another guy to come in and do the job. He worked from about 1pm until 8pm on Friday, but didn't quite get the job finished. So he had to come back on Saturday. He was there bright and early and worked on it until the early afternoon. Once he was finished, I could not believe my eyes.

A brand new shiny clean tub (that I will actually sit my butt in to take a bath)! What more can a girl ask for? For me...not too much more gets better than this!

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