Reality Check

There are small moments in our lives that can be a reality check for ourselves. For me, it's usually an off-the-cuff comment made by a child, or a client, hubby. Well, Nae-Nae give me a real reality check this Saturday.

We were getting ourselves dressed to go to a wedding. I had already taken my shower, and he was getting his things together to go take his shower. I was standing at the dresser with the mirror starting to put on my makeup. I was standing there in all of my glory (and by "glory," I mean butt naked). Nae-Nae states matter-of-fact, yet innocently, "Wow, your butt looks chunky." My head swung back so fast to give him the evil glare...and boy did I glare at him. I said, "Why in the world would you say something like that to me? You know I've been complaining about my weight lately." He replied, looking rather scared of me at this point, "Well, I didn't mean chunky. I just meant that you have dimples all over your butt." I responded in a somewhat high-pitched on-the-verge-of-tears voice, "Well, that's not any better. No girl wants to hear her hubby point out the dimples on her ass!!!" Nae-Nae started back-peddling at this point. He commented that the light was just hitting me funny and I was standing kind of weird at the same time. He also mentioned something about the possibility of him having dimples on his butt (yeah, right!). It didn't matter at this point...the damage had been done and he knew it. Nae-Nae slinked out of the room to go get his shower. He knew he had spoken without thinking, and I honestly think he was genuinely afraid of what I would do to him at this point.

I got over. I know he didn't mean it. In that moment, he was just like a four-year-old child or a 90-year-old man saying exactly what came into his mind at that moment. We get so comfortable with expressing ourselves with one another sometimes that we can forget that some of the things we say and do can be hurtful to other...even if it was meant innocently enough.

This scenario brings me back to the quote of the day: Love is the act of constant forgiveness. Partners are going say things or do things to hurt one another, but to forgive the other is a powerful and loving thing to do. Who knows how many times he has had to forgive me for things I've said and done and vice versa. And I am quite positive that we will face many more of these moments as we move forward with our lives. At the end of the day, though, after all is said, done, and forgiven...I love the man and all his charm (and lack thereof).


  1. well said.
    i like to think of dimples as character. it gets better with age.
    xo, FAVEY

  2. Don't most people think cheeks with dimples are cute?


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