Some Days are More Perfect than Others

This is true....some days are more perfect than others. Today was one of those more perfect days. The weather was absolutely beautiful...a little breeze, sunshine, and a warmth that surrounds the soul. 

Nae-Nae and I started our day off simply. We slept in, woke up, crawled to the couch, and eventually made some scrambled eggs and bacon. Nae-Nae said my scrambled eggs were particularly good this morning while he read the Sunday morning paper. I am not sure what made the eggs so good this morning, but I'll take it. 

We then took some time to do some spring cleaning. Nothing too much. He cleaned the office, and I picked up some things around the house. Just enough cleaning to make me feel satisfied about starting the new week with things uncluttered and a little more organized.

Then, we were off to run some errands...Lowe's and BJs. Nothing overly exciting. We picked up some ant deterrent stuff, a planting pot and soil, spray paint and paint for the bathroom at Lowe's. At Bjs we got some household detergent, laundry detergent, etc.

It was pretty much relaxing up to this point. Everything that we've done for the day wasn't a necessity...we only did it because we wanted not to, not because we had to. There is something liberating in that. We did just enough to feel productive but not too much to feel burdened. 

The most perfect part of the day was when we got home. We spent the rest of the day on our back deck. Nae-Nae planted some grass. I spray painted the frame of a mirror and a planter. I repotted a plant. Nae-Nae picked some weeds. We drank some beer. We set in our red plastic  adirondack chairs. We didn't say much to one another, but that was okay. I had comfort in sitting in the fresh air beside my hubby drinking  beer. It was nice. It was comfortable.

So here we are...Sunday evening. We are getting prepared for the next day...MONDAY! The chaos will begin again. But, for now, we're going to throw some burgers on the grill, drink a few more beers, and finish out this perfect day listening to some great music. Some days really are more perfect than others, and for me, this day was one of my more perfect days!

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  1. What a great was better than mine. Im jealous. Sounds like you two are just moving right along in the world. Hope you start your week off right. I hate Mondays. Monica


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